David Lindsay

Health and Vitality

David Lindsay has been passionate about helping people achieve results they never thought possible for his entire life. Starting off as an athlete then transitioning into coaching and training David takes his philosophy from sports to help others get results they may never have even thought about before. David has trained everyone from Olympians and first grade footballers to CEO's to stay at home mums. He believes that almost anyone can benefit from learning the 3 Pillars to High Performance, and would love to welcome you to the family!


“I have had the privilege of attending several presentation sessions by David Lindsay about his 5 pillars of Health, strength and vitality. Recently, I participated in his course that expands this philosophy and applies his techniques into your personal life and helps you apply them to motivate and achieve life goals. I have used David’s tips and techniques in my everyday life to cope when I’m struggling and not motivated. They really have improved my life in the way I do business, dealing with people and coping with stress and tough decisions. ”

Louise Hanna (Senior Consultant Cyber Security Advisor) Pure Security Pty Ltd

“I recently completed David's 3 pillars to high performance and I found it to be the most productive 8 weeks that I can remember. I love how David uses his skills and philosophy from his time in sports as it is incredibly relatable. He doesn't try to bombard us with terminologies and uses everyday speech. David clearly has a passion for this 3 pillars to high performance and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get ahead! ”

Michael (Gym owner)